Escape the pressures of life and embark on one of the many adventures on offer by Hexpas Ecotrek .

About 140km (90min) from Cape Town, the N1 highway passes through the fertile Hex River Valley.  Farms are nestled between the Hex- and Quado Mountains, which are snow capped during winter months.  In autumn, the vineyard leaves change from a uniform green to yellows, burgundy and russet, transforming the valley floor into a patchwork of rich earthy tones.

The picturesque Hex River Valley is world-renowned for its natural beauty.

At Hexpas Ecotrek we strongly believe that our heritage, both natural and historical, must be protected for future generations. With each of the adventures we offer, we try to give utterance to this philosophy: “The tracks of the past become the map of the future”.

The Hexpass Ecotrack and available accommodation is run by Roscan Dog Sanctum as a fundraising initiative for the Dog Sanctum which is completely self funded.