The Botterboom Hiking Trail is, in its entirety, a two and a half day hike and was designed to give adventure to both serious walkers and casual outdoor enthusiasts.The region, steeped in history, is exceptionally pretty and the trail takes in all aspects of this; so there’s a little bit of something for everyone.  The trail takes one back to 1870’s when the first railroad to the north was constructed through the mountains of the Hex River Valley — this became the main form of transport to Kimberley for the Diamond Rush period.Hikers will be treated to a large variety of indigenous plants on the trail so look out for Botterboom, Aloe, Ghwarrie and Namaquakoeniebos.The hike begins at the Veldskoen Padstal and you must obtain a permit from here before you start the trail.  The first day leads you up and along the top of the mountains near Osplaas and rewards you with picturesque views of the valley and Matroosberg Mountains.  As you descend, you will cross the railway line and then spend the night at Scooby Doo hut.Day Two of the hike starts on the lower mountains and moves its way up the Appaskop (to a height of 850m).  The view is splendid and you are able to see the entire Hex River Valley.  If you are a more experienced hiker, there is an option to hike across the old railway bridges to the Kaffrarian Rifles Monument and on then to Tafelberg which is the highest peak in the region (1100m).  The bonus of this route is that you get views of not only the Valley but also the Koo Valley to the east.  Overnight accommodation is provided at the Tunnel Railway Station – a hut that can sleep 8 and tents, firewood and fresh water are provided.The final day meanders back down the Osplaas Valley and follows the railway service road back towards Veldskoen Padstal.As always, make sure you take warm clothing, sun block and plenty of drinking water!
The trail is set in the Kwadouw Mountain range in the Hex River Valley.  Only 150km drive from Cape Town city centre. 
The trail is a 15km long, circular route that starts and ends at the 4×4 training track at the Impangele Mountain Lodge.  The track takes 4 – 5 hours to complete
The 15km track takes 4-5 hours. 
Driving skill required ** to ****
Overlanding skills required *
The two tunnel mountain bike trail traverses the scenic Hex River Valley, mainly along one of the first railway tracks in South Africa, built in the 1870′s. The ride passes through one of the original twin tunnels after which you can enjoy a picnic lunch at Tunnel Station. From Tunnel station, riders who prefer a longer route may take the 4km detour to the Kaffrarian Rifles Monument, and/or the 10km detour to Appaskop to enjoy the spectacular views.
The main route of 20km is moderate, but includes a few steep climbs.  Optional detours extend the route to about 35km with breath taking views of the Hex River Valley and the Matroosberg Mountains. While many serious mountain bikers enjoy the challenge the trail has to offer, it is also quite suitable for family and group excursions.
The trail starts (and finishes) at the Veldskoen Padstal on the N1, 4.5km beyond De Doorns (travelling from Cape Town). Permits must be obtained at the Veldskoen Padstal. This includes a map of the trail. Veldskoen is open 7 days a week from 08:30 to 17:00. We also host the yearly Hex Valley Autumn Splendour MTB Challenge.  Contact us for more information.